What next Mr Corbyn? War or No War?

25th November, 2015

paris afp

A makeshift memorial at the Place de la Republique for the victims of the Paris attacks. [Photo AFP]

What next Mr Corbyn? War or No War?

The Prime Minister David Cameron will be making his case for war in Syria in Parliament tomorrow. Meanwhile Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is sending out all the wrong signals to the Islamist terrorists and enemy combatants wreaking mayhem, havoc and destruction both in the Middle East and civilisation at large. The question now is:  when it comes to a vote  – and Cameron has no constitutional need to ask for a vote on such matters – will Corbyn allow a free vote on Syria, or will a three-line party whip be put on Labour MPs?

ISIS and its proxy subsidiaries are taking heart and inspiration from the weak, insipid words and intentions of Corbyn and his fellow travellers.  While we in the west are suffering from a chronic lack of real-time war leaders in these dark and extremely dangerous times for mankind, medieval Islamist warlords seek to plunge the entire world into an Islamic Caliphate founded on the barbaric and inhumane doctrines and practices of sharia law.

Thus sadly the people of the West are being sent wrong and conflicting messages in these  dark and momentous times, whilst being under the threat of being brutally beheaded or nailed to a cross for not converting to Islam.

It is incumbent upon political leaders like Jeremy Corbyn to act in a responsible and affirmative way to combat these imperialistic and conquering forces of radical Islam.

Even for someone whose moral compass is so skewed that he sees moral relativism where it arguably – very arguably – does not exist, there should be a way to effectively develop strategies to liquidate this clear and compelling threat posed by radical Islamist terrorists.  For, make no mistake, this relativism is a threat to the very existence of our Judeo-Christian and democratic foundations.  The long-term counter vision and objective should instead be a civilisation flourishing in a cordial atmosphere of religious tolerance, co-existence, justice and fairness for  all in the world.  This harmonic state of affairs resonates loudly with the majority view and opinions of a well-balanced, fair and just society, granting security, comfort and purposeful inspiration to all kindred spirits facing down this tidal wave of ISIS terrorism and enforced slavery sweeping down on the citadels of the West.

But Corbyn seems blind and thunderstruck to the imminent threat posed by ISIS and its ever-expanding influence and Jihadi expansionism, to the world at large. Or even worse still, does Jeremy Corbyn realise the full enormity and immensity of the situation ?

Jeremy Corbyn should not be quibbling about the necessity of keeping and updating Britain’s Trident Nuclear Deterrent in this time of existential threats.  Nor should he be moaning about the lack of perceived coverage of the Lebanon massacres, a claim which is demonstrably untrue and once again communicates confusing and disheartening messages to our own citizens.  This approach also transfers subtle and foolish encouragement to our enemies within extremist Islam; those hell-bent on our destruction and enslavement.

That the Labour party is currently being led by a pacifist and completely out-of-touch leader is a very worrying development.  However, all is not lost if Jeremy Corbyn allows Labour MPs a free vote, freeing responsible and patriotic parliamentarians to vote with their conscience next week after their weekend of due consideration.

We have all seen the devastating outcome of President Barack Obama’s non-interventionist foreign policy in the Middle East and in Ukraine.  That failure spawned the deadly rise of ISIS and Russian expansionism across the globe.

The disconcerting thought of Jeremy Corbyn following in the same vein, and then possibly winning a general election in 2020 and emulating Obama’s foreign policy, is something which will keep many awake at night with fear and trepidation.

By Obozo

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