The Case for a Wartime Government in Britain

The Case for a Wartime Government

With the present crisis levels of global Islamic Jihadi attacks and travel alerts over terror threats, there is a compelling school of thought that advocates David Cameron assembles an emergency war time government. Its aim – to meet this astronomical security challenge given that Britain and its allies could be facing a possible decade long battle against ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, Al Qaeda and their extremist proxies.

The Casus belli being the bringing down of the Russian civilian airliner in Egypt by Jihadis, and the horrific ISIS terrorist attack in Paris, which has brought the decent democratic world together united as one, to form a common policy and bond to try and rid the world of this ever escalating and monumental threat to humanity as we know it, no one is immune and no one will be untouched by the deadly and unique menace of religious fundamentalist Islam, which seeks to subjugate its tyranny, caliphate and sharia law on a compliant and subservient world.

Never before since the dark and sinister days of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Imperialism during the Second World War have we witnessed such global terror and horror being waged on an unsuspecting, ill prepared and vulnerable Western civilisation.

Striking parallels could and may be drawn with Winston Churchill’s war ministry and Conservative-led coalition government during world war two. Could the foreboding past be catching swiftly with David Cameron’s government? And could Britain find itself pitched into an unpredictable, frightening and uncontrollable chain of events that may require a wartime coalition government? If so, Harold MacMillan’s famous words “Events dear boy, Events” may catch us all on the hop.

urlAll of that being said, if that painted scenario came to fruition then Cameron will need natural leaders with real time definable governmental war time experience within his crisis cabinet. The key post of foreign minister in such as trying time would have to be filled by someone who would project real authority and vast experience and know-how in dealing with the crucial strategic and diplomatic decisions that would have to be made during hostilities. Who could fill such an onerous and paramount role and position?

Step forward Tony Blair.

 By Peter Paton

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