Corbyn at War with his own Labour Party

27th November, 2015

Corbyn at War with his own Labour Party


Jeremy Corbyn faced questions over his failure to intervene in a damaging party dispute involving Diane Abbott after it emerged that the two are former lovers. Details of their past relationship were revealed after Mr Corbyn was criticised for failing to step in when his shadow international development secretary verbally attacked a female MP who questioned his commitment to sexual equality.

Jeremy Corbyn is at loggerheads with his own Labour Party over the proposed Syrian air strikes by the Government, a cause which is supported by a significant number of Labour MPs including Deputy leader Tom Watson.

The recent  conference decision by the Scottish Labour Party to vote to scrap the renewal of the United Kingdom’s Trident Nuclear Deterrent, a vote carried by 70% of Labour constituencies and trade union members, sets it at odds with the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) in London. The party’s policy is still to back retaining the Trident nuclear deterrent, although their pacifist-leaning leader Jeremy Corbyn is for getting rid of it. Corbyn is a life-long member and presently Vice President of CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament). This bemusing and bewildering schism between the different factions of Labour and its ruling leadership gives the impression of a shadow government which lacks any clear unified direction and focus and is acting in a disjointed and tangential manner. This sends deeply conflicting and confusing messages to both its party membership and the electorate as a whole and as opinion polls continually show wholly undermines their attempts to be seen as a responsible and cohesive government-in-waiting.


Jeremy Corbyn and fellow leftist colleague Diane Abbott

Similarly, Shadow Foreign Minister Catherine West’s recent declaration that she’ll consult “Stop the War” Coalition on behalf of the Labour Party in the event of a vote on military action in Syria, is further proof if any more was needed of a party in a Crisis of Identity with no clear definable and integrated Foreign Policy and plainly in opposition to the majority view in the country. The majority of voters wish to keep Britain safe and strong with a modern nuclear deterrent in the face of the global rise of Islamist terrorism and the proliferation of nuclear and biological weapons of mass destruction in the hands of rogue states and their proxy terror agents.

What this underscores is that we have a Labour party which is at war with itself on foreign policy and the nuclear deterrent, and which belies the age-old Labour principle of ” Unity is Strength “. It is indicative of a lack of any real desire by the Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour shadow government to be able to present itself to the country as the potential natural party of government in 2020. Something has to give.

By Jahbalon

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