Chilcot has been investigating the wrong war (partial cross-post)

13th May 2016

-Compiled by Blair Supporter-

David Aaronovitch had an article well worth the read in The Times (£) yesterday.

Fellow Refusenik John Rentoul has kindly reproduced three sections for those of us who do not subscribe to The Times’ paywall. I have taken the liberty of adding them here under Aaronovitch’s published introduction. My thanks to Messrs Aaronovitch & Rentoul and The Times itself.


Chilcot has been investigating the wrong war

The biggest foreign policy disaster since 1945 wasn’t Iraq, but Syria. Our failure to act has created a global disaster

When the date for the publication of the Chilcot Report was finally given as July 6, there was a vibration in an almost forgotten part of the political spectrum. The leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron, reminded whoever was listening that in 2003 his party had opposed the Iraq war, which had been both “illegal” and also the “biggest foreign policy disaster made by a British government since the Suez crisis”. He signed off hoping that “we learn from the lessons of this foreign policy catastrophe”.

I cited Mr Farron here because despite his party’s current decrepitude…

And…Aaronovitch 2




And…Aaronovitch 3

I particularly enjoyed the use of this new word with its obvious resonance – ‘deBlairification.’ No matter that most balanced people will admit that the murder of thousands of thousands of Syrians by other Syrians can hardly be blamed on the Iraq war – but on, just perhaps, the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, this fact will not blunt the deBlairification so valued and honoured by many.

I mentioned this sort of thinking on Blair in a post at the end of last year.

This is cognitive dissonance verging on self-delusive insanity.

It goes:

We know he lies, so therefore we can’t believe him. But even if he is lying as regards how he lied about Iraq we’ll believe him this time. We won’t forgive him for lying about Iraq and we’ll still describe him as a lying war criminal – because he lied. But we’ll definitely believe him when he admits that he lied about Iraq because we knew it all the time. We won’t believe anything else he lies about, which is everything, as-we-all-know. Honestly!

Tony Blair:

“When I think of my ‘crime’, if you like, which is removing Saddam Hussein and then I think of what frankly has happened in the world as we’ve watched Syria unfold in these last years, with hundreds of thousands of people dying… and we have stood back and, we in the west, and again we bear responsibility for this –  Europe most of all – we’ve done nothing. I don’t know. I think that’s a judgement of history I’m prepared to have.”

“… this was the most difficult decision I ever took in politics and I was aware at the time I was taking it that it was going to be politically extremely difficult […] I agree it’s been a huge political problem but I am the least significant aspect of this. It’s what’s happening today that should really concern us”.

The rest of that post is here – ‘Tony Blair and the cognitive dissonance of his detractors’.

By Blair Supporter

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