The Truth About Corbyn

13th July 2016

Labour, Progress, Jeremy Corbyn and the future!

By Tim Carter

Where to start? I guess this is the morning after the night before. Only it isn’t my clothes strewn across the bedroom floor or a half-eaten kebab on the table that are causing me concern. It is something bigger and far more worrying.

I glance at my phone and unread text messages, social media notifications and missed calls. It had been a bad night. Flicking the switch on the kettle I make coffee. Tiredness is my recent enemy. When sleep comes it comes in snatches and doesn’t satisfy.

The chaos and disorder confuses me…

But enough about me. I want to talk about politics and in particular the Labour Party.

Last year there was a leadership contest and Jeremy Corbyn won. Since then in politics things have changed a lot. Some would say that the old politics has fallen. It has been replaced by new politics. In part this is true.

But this new kind of politics isn’t about politics. It is about mob rule, shouting, vandalism and murder. Sounds harsh? Look at the comments here. Yes a Facebook post by an MP to as a tribute to her murdered colleague, hijacked by Corbyn supporters.

I don’t want to dwell on the murder of Jo Cox and I don’t believe it was in any way linked to Corbyn supporters. I do think that everyone is responsible for the comments they make and that is especially true of politicians.

But what reason for the Facebook comments and why would anyone believe this was acceptable? One can only think that they simply don’t care. Anything goes in their world. Disagree with them and they will hunt you down and hurl abuse or chant their slogans. Would these people turn up at a funeral with pro-Corbyn placards? I thought it was only the Westboro Church that did things like that but now I am not so sure.

One thing I am sure about is that the abuse is getting worse and Corbyn and his colleagues are doing little to stop it. The condemnations when they come are too weak and too late.

There is a bigger problem people see parameters and boundaries being broken and they push the limits too. The Shadow Chancellor appears at a rally where protests outside of political opponents (within the same political party) offices are encouraged, a window is smashed and Corbyn tuts, smiles and says gently “that isn’t the way I want you to behave”. Four hours later the shadow chancellor is back on stage at another event using the F word to describe his parliamentary colleagues. The next time a Corbyn supporter swears at you and calls you scum – you know exactly who encouraged it.

People say that Corbyn and his supporters are behaving like children; this lets them off the hook. They are adults. The politicians among them want to run offices of state but they behave like cheap, B-movie thugs. A large chunk of their supporters simply thrive on the chaos and others looking for something different are being conned and sold a lie.

I am not one to sit on the fence on issues and on this it has become clear in recent months that Corbyn isn’t the nice, kind, decent elderly gentleman we are being sold. He is responsible for much of the chaos. He promotes a myth that all others are in it for personal gain or worse. When he sees chaos and disorder he rather likes it. When those around him sneer at other politicians they are nodding in the direction of the mob and saying “sort that lot out”.
A decent and honourable person would’ve looked at the no confidence vote by the PLP and decided “I have to go”. They would have put the Party first. But not Corbyn. As always it was Jeremy first, Jeremy second and that is the end of it.

I have watched numerous news clips of Corbyn addressing rallies and ‘spontaneous’ gatherings and I have noticed something – I think he actually ‘gets off’ on it all – and that is weird!

But there is something far darker and more sinister going on.

I (whispers quietly so the baying mob don’t hear) am someone who admires Tony Blair, thus I am a Blairite (shouts louder), I am Labour (and louder), I am Labour, (yet louder still). I care deeply about the world I live in and I believe the Labour Party in government helps make the world a better place.


Can you imagine Tony Blair funding people’s membership so that they could vote for him in an election? No? Neither can I. But if he had can you imagine the outcry? I can – social media would go into meltdown and front-pages would scream Fraud, Corruption and worse!

But when Corbyn and his supporters are doing it – it is all good and well-intentioned.

It isn’t! It is wrong, unprincipled and probably illegal.

There I have said it. Corbyn is trying to buy this election – don’t let him!

  By Tim Carter (@forwardnotback)

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