About Middle Vision

20th November, 2015


Middle Vision is a new centrist pressure group which has arisen to represent, reflect on and debate the middle ground in British politics vacated by the far-left position of Jeremy Corbyn and the apparently ubiquitously positioned Conservatives of David Cameron. While sympathetic to the centre left, Middle Vision is committed to non-partisan engagement across the political centre ground.

The group consists primarily, though not exclusively of Labour members who are not convinced that Corbyn’s extremist-driven Labour Party is capable of winning a general election and thus becoming once more the natural party of Government. We also have cross-party support from across the British political spectrum from people who are equally concerned with the often polarised divisions, debates and stances currently afflicting British Politics.

Middle Vision exists to be an influential political force for sensible, centrist views, opinions and policies which will advance consensual and cohesive ideas, directives and strategies. The group, its members and supporters will engage like-minded people, bodies and organisations seeking the Centre Ground as a pragmatic, viable and successful alternative to the often extreme sounds emanating from current British political debate.

Our writers have opinions and policy stances which are not always in agreement with those of every other writer. It is our position that despite such differences it is only by airing them and opening up the debate that a way forward for the centre ground can be forged.

Please note: articles and posts on ‘Middle Vision’ reflect the views of the individual authors and not of all involved in ‘Middle Vision’



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